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How to Determine the Value of Used Office Equipment and Furniture

If you sell off old equipment, it’s worth whatever anyone wants to pay for it. If you donate old office furniture or equipment to charity, however, setting a value is trickier. The IRS says you can take a tax deduction equal to the fair-market value of your in-kind charitable donations. Usually this works out to less than what you paid for the items.
An empty conference room with office chairs surrouding a table

Purchase Price

  • If you bought your office furniture recently, you may be able to claim the purchase price as the value of your donation. If the furniture’s 10 years old, though, don’t try telling the IRS it’s worth as good as new. Even a recent purchase price may have to be adjusted down if it wasn’t an “arm’s length” transaction. For example, if you bought from your brother’s furniture store and paid him above the going rate, the IRS doesn’t consider that an arm’s length deal.

Sale Price

  • Suppose the charity turns around and sells your donation in an arm’s length transaction of its own. You can probably claim the sale price as the value of the your donation. If you’re donating, say, a couple of office laptops, you can research the value of similar used computers. Suppose similar laptops routinely command a $500 price, used. That gives you grounds for claiming that as the value of your donation.

Wear and Tear

  • Over time, chairs, computers and other office equipment get stained, wear out or break down. That’s why the IRS won’t allow you to claim purchase price if you’ve owned the item a while. If you’re giving away a chair with a broken leg or something equally worthless, forget it. The IRS says furniture has to be at least in good used condition or there’s no write-off. Goodwill defines a “good used” item as one you’d be comfortable giving to a friend.

Proving Your Case

  • If you donate a piece of equipment or a collection of furniture worth more than $5,000, you’ll have to prove it. The IRS wants confirmation from a qualified appraiser when in-kind donations get to that level. With smaller donations, the IRS doesn’t require an appraisal: you can determine the fair market value yourself. Your records should include the original purchase price and how you set the value — if the IRS ever audits you, that paperwork will come in handy.


3 Exclusively Designed Home Office Furniture Sets from Home Cinema Center

Starting a new business but don’t have sufficient funds to set up a proper office? That doesn’t mean you cannot proceed with your worthwhile business idea. With around 4.34 million people working from home in the United State alone, home offices have become quite popular in the past few years.

Home-based offices not only help entrepreneurs reduce the overall operation cost of the business, but also allow them to spend more quality time with their families. However, having a home-based office doesn’t have to reflect lack of professionalism and civility in your working style. Rather, it needs to be even more convincing, that despite working from home you are not leaving a single stone unturned to fulfill the target.

In order to boost your company’s bottom-line and attract more potential clients, it is essential to impress your customers with determination and consistency. How do you do that though? Simple; you project your serious attitude towards business matters through the appearance of your office. Home office furniture sets can be of substantial help to fulfill this mission.

So if you are searching for elegant as well as affordable home office furniture, look no further- Home Cinema Center is the hub for supreme-quality, finely designed, and competitively-priced furniture pieces. In this article, we are going to look at three exclusive home office sets that will glorify your room and elevate your productivity, all without burning a hole in your pocket.

  •  Nicolas 3 Piece Traditional Set

The furniture under Nicolas executive home office sets includes three two-tone finished pieces with detailed carvings. Primarily, it comprises of an oval shaped, 7 drawer desk, a three drawer file cabinet, and a bookshelf with six adjustable and two fixed shelves. However, you can order an additional single bookshelf as well.

  •  Huntington 4 Piece Executive Set

The second in the list of exclusive home office furniture is the Huntington 4-piece set, which is more likely to have an English Traditional Style. It has been manufactured using sturdy chestnut wood, which has double shading on its surface, making the furniture look classy yet decent. The set includes a double pedestal executive desk with several drawers and shelves, a 32″ open to book case, and two 32″ glass door bookcases.

If you have a corporate-type business where you have lots of files and books for recordkeeping and reference, this is the most appropriate set to keep everything well organized in the office.

  • Huntington 5 Piece Corner Peninsula Desk Wall Unit

The last one on the list is the peninsula unit that comprises of 5 basic pieces- 2 peninsula desks, a 32″ open top bookcase, and an outside corner bookcase. With accent shadings, magnificent diamond pattern, multi-step chestnut finish, and unique contemporary design, these pieces of furniture are going to transform the look of your office completely and are also going to affect your productivity positively.

The Most Common Office Chair Problems And How To Fix Them

The moment that your office chair develops a fault of some kind, your immediate reaction will probably be to throw it out and buy a new one. There is, however, another way – you can fix a number of the more common problems yourself, and it should only take a few minutes. If you chair’s problem doesn’t appear in the list below, you may find that it is more serious and will need a professional repair or even to be replaced.

Failed gas lift

The gas lift is the cylinder that runs from the base of your chair to the underneath of the seat and controls the height that you are sitting at. Over time, however, this lift can fail due to it being subjected to overbearing weight and to the height being constantly adjusted. You can purchase a new gas lift from most components suppliers and replace it yourself.

Broken armrest

Unfortunately, plastic armrests are known to break if a considerable amount of pressure is applied to them over an extended period of time. Whilst gluing the armrests of your office chair back together may be tempting, it will not hold for very long. Instead, contact the manufacturer to find out how you can order a replacement part. Then, it is simply a matter of swapping the broken armrest over for the new one.

Broken or loose castors

If your office chair is fitted with castors on its feet, you may find that one or two of them become loose or break completely over time. Replacing these could not be easier – it is possible to find replacements all over the internet. Make sure that you have measured the size of the castors, however, and it is recommended that you buy a set of 5 so that you have replacements on hand in the future.

Worn out upholstery

This is either a sign that your office chair is getting old or that a low quality fabric was used in its construction. If you can prove that the latter is the case, you may be able to get the chair repaired by the manufacturer, otherwise you have the option of getting it reupholstered by a local company. If you choose to do this, however, make sure that the padding is still fine.

If your office chair is experiencing any of the above problems, it does not mean that you have to replace it. It never hurts to look into how much it would cost to fix the problem – if it is far less than the cost of buying a brand new chair, then perhaps it is something you should consider doing. If the cost doesn’t differ too much, then the decision really is yours.

Machines & Equipment Used in the Office

Proper office machines and equipment help businesses run like well-oiled machines. Although each business may have specific equipment determined by industry, there are universal technologies for all office spaces. Each item works together to ensure duties can be performed in-house, which can save time and money.
Technology is crucial to successful businesses.


  • A computer can be considered the most important office equipment. The Internet has made it possible to connect people around the world, thus a well-equipped computer system is imperative to running a business. Companies can choose either PC or Mac systems, based on preference. The important thing is that one system is chosen for the entire office, which allows for office networking. Laptops are more expensive than desktops, and are often used for working from home.
    Computers make it easier to keep employees informed the fastest way possible.
    Computers make it easier to keep employees informed the fastest way possible.

Copy Machines and Printers

  • Whether an office needs a full-sized copier or just a three-in-one printer is determined by the size of the business. Most large companies have a heavy print and copy load and need the durability of a full-sized copier that can print remotely and make large scale copies. High-quality copiers may be a necessity, but that depends on the business. Small businesses can save money and buy a small printer with copying and scanning functions, if it’s determined that large quantity print-outs won’t be a daily occurrence.
    Copy machines have many important functions, but can be costly to purchase and maintain.
    Copy machines have many important functions, but can be costly to purchase and maintain.

Fax Machines

  • The role of the fax machine has decreased in the office with the introduction of email and scanners, but standard fax machines remain an office staple. Fax machines make it possible to transmit documents, rather than waiting for mail. Standard functions of an office fax machine can vary by company. Start up businesses and those sending over 15 faxes a day often need a high capacity memory and sending speed.
    Fax machines are an alternative to email and scanners.
    Fax machines are an alternative to email and scanners.

Telephone Systems

  • Offices have telephones that often feature multiple lines and caller identification. A speakerphone option makes conference calls possible. While not every office has a secretary, answering systems make sure that customers never hear a busy signal. These are messages that play when calls come into the office and give callers options on how to direct their call.
    Hands-free headsets enable employees to type while they talk.
    Hands-free headsets enable employees to type while they talk.


The Different Types Of Office Chairs

An office will not be complete without a proper office chair. Whether you work in those high-rise buildings or operate your business in your own home office, having comfortable office chair that is exclusively your own can somehow do wonders your productivity and your disposition. Given that employees and managers spend most of the day in the office, it is only fitting that office chairs be sturdy and as comfortable as possible.

Everybody knows what office chairs are but do you know that they actually consist of many parts, from the most basic to the more complex? When something goes wrong and your chair fails to serve its intended function effectively, you need to know about what kind of office chair you are using and which defective parts you should replace. For specific chair types, various parts are readily available for sale. Office chairs used in most offices today may be classified according to the list below:

  • Swivel chair
  • Executive chair
  • Task chair
  • Reception chairs
  • Mesh office chair
  • Executive office chair
  • Office seating
  • Cheap office chairs
  • Best office chair
  • High back office chair
  • Home office chairs
  • Reclining office chair
  • Desk chair

The perfect office chair varies from person to person. Office employees do not really have the luxury of picking their own office chairs, but for those who work at home, shopping for office chairs must be done with care. Some considerations when choosing them include budget, availability, style, functionality, and design. Are you going to be the only one to use it? People’s preferences may vary but there is no doubt that office chairs help us stay healthy and well in the long hours we spend working. It is also important that we exercise a conscious effort to care for our office chairs.

Modern office furniture – You can look for discounted options

Who doesn’t love modern office furniture? The thoughts of people have undergone a sea change and this is even true in case of home decor and furnishing. Even few years ago office owners did not focus on furnishing their office space. Many did think that decor and furnishing did not play any role in office work. Now this is not the case these days because the environment you are working in matters to a great extent in the overall productivity. Now office furnishing has better and contemporary style is very much in fashion.

Projecting your business in the right way in front of your clients and employees is very important. Having a well-decorated office is very important important to give your business an edge over the others. Competence and professionalism of your office boosts the confidence of your clients and employees. Modern furnishings are available in a vast variety, shapes and designs. The flexibility and functionality is simply incomparable with all other types. The comfort and safety features are also enhanced.

The arena of modern furniture is eclectic. The texture, shape and color has an identity of its own. The style is so simplistic and it renders an uncluttered and clean look. Contemporary furniture is defined by straight and crisp lines and the flat texture. There is no ornamentation, ostentation and the style is absolutely no-nonsense and professional. Let me tell you that the fabrics and materials are basic, flat in nature. The materials used are all unconventional including glass, chrome, metals etc. Wood is rarely used because it does not have enough novelty.

Apart from texture and materials, color also plays an great role in furnishings. The most preferred colors are tan, nude shades, white and black. These colors give a professional and classy look to your office furniture. But all these items should be blended with bright and colorful accessories.

Looking for discounted office furniture bay area? It is in vogue in recent times it offers functionality and appeal both at low cost. Most people have the notion that modern furniture are only for the wealthy business owners due to the extreme high price. If you do not believe that furniture companies sell discounted furniture to get rid of the stock or to sell away cheap items, opt for pieces that offer rebate. Do you want to know the truth? Selling huge stock of furniture at rebated price the companies compensate for the loss they suffered while selling high quality pieces at reduced prices.

Modern office furniture gives an opportunity to businessmen to offer a contemporary feel to their workspace without spending too much. Contemporary furniture includes chairs, desks, files drawers, tables, cabinets, shelves etc. There are many reputed furniture manufacturing companies that offer good quality furniture at a good discount.

Office furniture: Complementing the Entire Commercial Project

Beauty is something that entices everyone towards itself. It cannot be explained through words and expressions. One should be very precise and clear in his thoughts and approach to understand the real essence of this word. It plays a pivotal role in making the place different from others. When it comes to office, it really works great in making the environment soothing and comfortable to work. One can easily beautify his/her office with the help of modern and eye appealing furniture. However, one needs to be very particular while selecting a new set of furniture for his/her commercial project. If one takes this task on a priority level, then he/she gets the success in giving a new shape to his/her commercial project.

Ignoring the right kind of furniture may cause major problems for the growth of company. The reason is because if one does not select the furniture that lends a cozy and comfy feeling among the employees, then it becomes a daunting task for employees to stay in that company for a long time. Hence, these workers start to switch another company by and by in search of finding the environment that can give them a comfortable and convenient atmosphere to work. Hence, one should leave no stone unturned while making efforts for purchasing a new set of furniture of his/her office. His/her every effort regarding the selection of the office furniture matters a lot in giving a new shape to the organisation.

When it comes to choosing the desired item, one can get little bit confused because market has a lot of options of these office supplies to choose from. In such situation, one should consider all his/her priorities before entering the offline or online market to buy the product. If one does this job properly, then he/she will not have to face major problems to find the item he/she is exactly looking for. For example, one should go with the furniture that can complement the overall theme of the interior designing of the office. Apart from it, one should also consider the space available in his/her office before purchasing the desired item. If the arrangement of the furniture has been done in a proper manner, then it can exhibit an exuberant glaze throughout the environment of the commercial project.

Purchasing the office furniture has become a very easy task these days. One can easily avail the desired item using the offline or online shopping methodology. However, among the people, online purchasing is on great demand these days. The reason is that it is very easy to approach the product that meets one’s requirements and needs using this medium.

How to Make Your Own Office Desk

Office desks are often bland and uninspiring. If you have the opportunity to make your own desk, take advantage of it and be creative. Reclaimed doors are often rich in character from age and use. Find an old door from a company that sells reclaimed building materials. Allow the door to be the focal point of the desk. A little effort and creative insight will provide you with an attractive and functional desk. Why not get started today and make your work surface a conversation starter.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Reclaimed door
  •  Screwdriver
  •  Wire brush
  •  Cloth
  •  Wood furniture cleaner
  •  2 Metal 2-drawer filing cabinets
  •  Clear acrylic panel, cut to size of door


    Find a reclaimed door that has a lot of character from years of use at a local reclaimed building materials store. Select a door that does not have a window. Paneled doors with detailed woodwork are an ideal option. Purchase the door for the main surface of your desk.

    Remove any hardware from the door including the handle, latch and hinges with a screwdriver. Remove any loose paint or other debris with a wire brush. Wipe down the door with a cloth and wood furniture cleaner.

    Place the two filing cabinets parallel to each other. Spread them apart so that the outside edge of each cabinet will be flush with the ends of the door. Lay the door onto the cabinets.

    Custom order a clear acrylic panel that is cut to the size of the door from your hardware or home improvement store. Place the acrylic panel over the door. This will provide a smooth work surface and allow the beauty of the door to be appreciated.


Where Can I Sell Used Office Furniture?

Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture can be sold in a short period of time with the right tools. Traditionally, office furniture classified ads have been placed in local newspapers. You could also contact a business that will purchase the furniture directly from you and resell the items. Lastly, office furniture ads can be placed online through websites such as

Newspaper Ads

  • Local papers sell classified ad space at different prices. For example, the Los Angeles Times sells print and online space at different rates, though you can access additional information online. The website even allows users to place their ad online–whether print, online or both. The Miami Herald has representatives that will design ads (1-866-860-6000), or you can create your own ad using their self-serve website. Most local newspapers across the nation offer similar services. However, the turnaround time from when you place an ad to when the used furniture sells may be longer than if you had used other ways.


  • Businesses exist that directly purchase used office furniture and later sell the items independently. Services, such as Furniture Finders, list various dealers located throughout the United States that will purchase used furniture. SWC Office Furniture is an example of a business that buys used furniture in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts area. You can also contact furniture liquidators that will purchase furniture or arrange to advertise and sell the furniture, usually by charging a fee and a percentage of the profits. works within the Maryland and Delaware area; is in the New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts area; and is in the San Francisco Bay area.


  • An easy way to sell office furniture is to take photos of the inventory and upload the photos onto a craigslist ad. Unlike similar websites such as ebay, purchases on craigslist are primarily made by local residents. While shipping costs should not be a factor, make sure that the ad specifies if the buyer is responsible for delivery or if you are willing to deliver the furniture. Consider whether you want to answer every prospective buyer’s questions or if you want to hold an open house or garage sale, perhaps during the weekend, so that many buyers can inspect the furniture simultaneously. To avoid answering several telephone calls about the furniture, do not provide a contact number. Highlight that all sales are final in the ad as well as on any receipt, if applicable.

Opting for Office Furniture

The world is constantly undergoing a sea of changes that are reflected in everyone’s day to day life. Style and design changes can often be found in the workplace. An important part of any office is its furniture. Gone are the days when there were very few choices of office furniture. These days, office furnishing is able to have a significant emphasis on the overall look and feel of a company.

In today’s age where hi-tech devices rule the world, modern office furniture California is surely the best way to find stylish office furnishings. These days, people make the common mistake hastily choosing office furniture without considering some of the most important factors. It is always of utmost importance to purchase furnishing items that will enhance the office beauty and also send a message to guests about your company.

The furniture should be able to spruce up the office, give it a cutting-edge technological feel, and make it a space people want to work in. Apart from making the office look thoroughly professional, a good office space will also encourage clients to do business with your company. The furnishing items should project the image which your office takes pride to possess. Along with this, the identity and character of the office can be portrayed through the office furniture and decor.

One factor to consider is that many contemporary furnishing items look very sleek and simple. This can cause your office space to appear quite boring. To avoid this from happening it is important to step up the beauty of the office by adding vibrant elements such as colorful pillows, contemporary art pieces, and wall paintings. An interior decorator is someone who can provide you with great advice and suggestions on how to accessorize modern office furniture.

If you have been looking for cost effective office furniture, then you can always purchase less expensive furnishing items from online stores. As you start browsing the internet, you will be able to come across to a large number of furniture stores displaying their catalogues on various styles of office furnishings.

Select the style that suits both your taste and budget. Make sure to read the reviews before purchasing any items. To ensure that you are getting the best deal compare the rates of the items you intend to purchase with other sites as well.

Your office needs a modern look and you can improve the appearance of your work place simply by upgrading your furniture and decor.

Complacent office chairs for your employees

Long office hours require sitting for the work elongated duration of time sometimes. An employee can give more extra hours to the work only if he or she is comfortable with the position of sitting. The office chairs are the entitled one that can provide a comfortable sitting to the employees saving them from any kind of strain or back problems. It increases the potential of the candidate and makes them give more throughputs for the progress of the organization.  Bad chairs can not only cause back problems to your employees but, also gives other body aches and physical sickness, which makes them take leaves for the betterment of health. So, on whole, a good infrastructure of your office will eventually lead to your profit and no one else.

The orthopedic office chairs are the most frequently used chairs because they provide better back support and are designed in a way to push back the skeletal stress of the body. It minimizes the physical stress of the body to the maximum and allows them to have a sitting job for more hours as compared to the other standard ones. One can adjust the depth and height of the seat according to his or her eye level providing a straight vision to the user. Theoffice chairs in Gurgaon are made with special reference to the long working hours in the companies.

The armrest of the chairs supports your arms in a way that it aids you while working in computers and other files work. The better rest to your shoulders and arms is also very important. Before making any number of purchases for your office chairs, you must acknowledge that to what category your work lies. If you have long working hours on devices or file works, then you must provide the high quality flexible and stress free chairs that can allow them to sit for at least 5 to 6 hours without any hassle. Count the number of chairs required in each department of your organization. Depending upon their continuous sitting work, you must opt for the best chairs suitable for their health and your budget too. The stores of office chairs in Delhi provide you a wide range of furniture that can give you ample of options to choose from within your budget only. While sitting for few minutes only, one can feel the difference between the two. Keeping the health and all day comfort at priority, theoffice chairs in Noida are being designed.

If one does not stress upon the health hazards of the normal chairs to a person, it can be realized after a certain age of an employee. For a better overall performance of an employee, one must realize the importance of classic office chairs that can provide comfort as well as a comfort look to your office.

Types Of Office Desk

Office desk are one of the great essential mechanisms of every office. In fact, the daily official process and other utility cannot be passed out without their aid. They are used to stay folders and files keep the computer system and key papers. Desk in office are incredible that are used constantly entire day. Even when staff are not in the office throughout holidays, their papers, computer and other asset are to be found on the desks. There are numerous kinds of office desk that are obtainable in the market.

Reception Desks

These office Reception desks are purposely intended for the principle of being used in the reception spot. They are intended by keeping in mind that the reception and the Office Furniture is the division of the office repeatedly observes by the community. It is obtainable in an assortment of attractive shapes, designs and attractive colors so as to generate an excellent first impression for the office.

Computer Desks:

This type of office desks are specially utilize for computing function. The key element in these desks is that they have modifiable measurement, like flexible keyboard and flexible legs and height, so that the table can be modified. It is supreme selection for someone who’s main engross the regular use of computers.

L-Shaped Desk

The Name itself explains its shape. These are L- Shaped office desks and the major reason at the back using office desks of this kind of form is to permit the usage of space to the greatest. This can be utilized for various causes, but is more usually established in the reception spot.

List of Office Supplies for Small Business

When you are about to run small business, you will need various supplies. In this case, the type of business that you will run and the budget will determine the supplies that you need most. You will find that there are many sources where you can get your supplies. Therefore, you should be very careful in select them. In order to help you to determine the office supplies that you need, the following is list of office supplies that might be very important for your small business.

You will find that a business cannot run without it. Paper is the most basic supplies is paper any business. You will find that there endless options when you come to this office supply. But, you will find that photocopier and computer paper are the most used. There are also note pads, legal pads, phone message pads, sticky notes, company letterhead, envelopes and stationery.

Writing instruments
After you have the paper, you should have the writing instruments. Some of them are pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, dry erase board pens and markers. Make sure that you have containers for these things to keep them tidy.

Organizing Supplies
File folders keep your files tidy. Instead of these type of folder, you might also need file folder labels, hanging files, dividers for binders and three-ring binders to organize the documents that you have. You will also need paper hole punchers, scissors paper shredders, and rules.

Fastening Items
With these supplies, you will be able to keeping everything put together neatly. For this, you will need staples, staplers, staple removers, glue, tape, and paper clips glue sticks.

Calendars, Planners and Presentation Boards
Planners and calendars are very important for any business and are available in various styles. For your business presentation, you can use dry erase boards and bulletin boards.

Technical Supplies
You should provide phones to keep businesses connected. You will also need other technical supplies such as printers and their toner/ink cartridge and computer with the needed software. Also, you should provide calculator for your business.

Office Maintenance Materials
Cleaning materials and trash cans are very important office supplies for small business that does not have cleaning service. Other important things are garbage bags, facial tissue and paper towels.

Office Used Furniture – The Only Way to Safe More Money

Even though the economy has a bit improved from those days of recession, there is no alteration in the demand for second hand furniture. Hence it won’t come as surprise, if the demand steadily increases during good economic times as well. New organizations have several fund restrictions and they simply can’t put their money in brand new office furniture. By buying used office furniture, such organizations can save lot of money and use that amount to boost their business further. You just need to refer to local newspapers and browse some websites that deal in selling furniture, to believe how many advertisements are there for selling modern used furniture. Some organizations that have huge money backing are buying new furniture but it’s not possible for all. Hence there is huge demand for used office furnitures.

Once you decide to set up your office and plan what all furniture you need, you should first check the money that you can invest in furniture for your office. Try to spend as less as possible on the furniture part of your office. You can save good amount of money by buyingused office furniture or by taking furniture on rent.

There are several options to select from in second hand office furniture, like stylish furniture or the old-style antique furniture. If these products are not purchased by anyone for a long period of time, their price will come down further. So kindly do not rush into buying them right away, instead study the market carefully.

Most of the used office furniture is of good quality, as their previous owners end up selling them due to certain reasons. If any company is shutting their shop, then they sell their office furniture at good rates, as they want to get quick money from the market. Sometimes certain organizations decide to move out of country and can’t afford to carry their furniture with them; they also end up selling these things at cheaper rates.

The office furniture like office tables, chairs, cabinets are durable things and last for many years once you purchase them. Hence, it is not a good idea to spend more money on buying new products, when the work can be continued without difficulty with the old used furniture too. You can buy used furniture at discounted rates and use for many years after that. Some people have the fascination for new things and avoid buying used things, but why waste more money in today’s tight economy, isn’t it?

Home Office Furniture Desk

‘Working from home’ was the buzz phrase of 2014. And with flexi hours hopefully increasing even further into 2015, having decent home office furniture is a must.  The home office desk should be a place of comfort. It’s a haven of an area in which you can close the door to the outside world and relax in the one space that is truly yours. It is here where you can focus your thoughts and achieve your ambitions.

Perhaps you are working from home one day a week and savour the peace of your home office, in which you can get into a project knowing you won’t have to stop for a meeting, make tea for anyone else or listen to some dreadful radio station. You can cosy up to your home office furniture desk still in your pyjamas should you choose.

Perhaps you are a juggling parent running your own business. The babysitter arrives and you can stake out with your home office furniture, safe in the knowledge that you have a few precious hours to get down with your office desk and get busy, or just browse your to do list whilst drinking a coffee without interruption.

Perhaps you simply have a home office furniture desk set up as a space to deal with personal admin and study. Maybe you had to compromise the décor of the rest of your house to accommodate your partner’s taste, but the home office furniture desk and office desk accessories are yours and yours alone.

Whatever your situation, having a home office furniture desk that meets your needs and tastes is essential. And you don’t even need a huge amount of space to create this oasis of achievement. Home office furniture can be made to measure, so you can build a custom home study desk under the stairs if necessary. Perhaps you need a simple custom desk for a small space, just as somewhere to put your laptop and write. Or perhaps you have a corner of a spare room in which you can build a home office with a made to measure L shape desk, creating a vast workspace from what seemed like an initially small area. Maybe you require bespoke made home office furniture with built in storage to house boxes of materials.

Whatever your specification, a custom made desk can be built to satisfy your exact needs, and can also be made in the colour or finish of your choice. Perhaps you’d like bright sunny yellow home office furniture for your sunny alcove home office position, or would prefer a dark wood home office furniture desk to match your smoking room style study. The options for building your home office furniture are huge with home office desk accessories to match, ensuring you have the best home office set up going. All you need to do now is make your cuppa and relax in your bespoke home office haven.

How to Keep your Office Desk Clean

A messy and disorganized desk is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses. These unwanted guests may result in you suffering from coughs and colds or other ailments. Would you like to work in an unhealthy workplace? I am sure the answer to the question would be a resounding NO.
There are many ways that we can prevent our office workspace from becoming a proverbial pigsty. Here are some tips which are easy to follow and will help you keep your desk clean and your office healthier.

1. Have organizers for your work.
Get files folders, in-out trays for urgent projects, CD boxes to store your digital documents and a stationary holder to keep your desk clutter free. Prioritize what you have by keeping the items that you use on a regular basis within reach. Items that are occasionally used should be stored away in cabinets, drawers or even separate shelves near your desk.

2. One photo frame is enough.
Limit the number of decorative items on your desk as they are a magnet for dust and vie for the limited desktop space that you have.

3. Have anti-bacterial wipes and tissues on hand.
It is important to routinely wipe down the phone, keyboard and surfaces to prevent the spread of germs with anti-bacterial wipes. Having tissues around to cover your nose if you do have a cold. If you do have a cold, take precautions to prevent your fellow employees from contracting the virus from you.

4. Open the windows to air out the room if possible.
Having a fresh breeze now and then prevents the office from having stale air. Turning off the air-conditioner once in a while can help reduce the spread of germs.

5. Add plants to your workspace.
A touch of greenery can help to improve the air quality in the office and make it a more pleasant place to work.

6. Do not store food in your office drawers or on at your workstation.
If you have food around you will be tempted to munch while busily typing at the keyboard. Unnoticed to you there maybe food crumbs in your office chair or in the carpet which may lead to visits by ants or the growth of germs.

7. Do not eat at your workstation.
Eating on the job is bad not only for your health but also you may accidently spill the contents of your lunch on the table or on your keyboard.

8. Have a five minute clean up routine.
End each working day by filing away and putting away the items on your desk so you can arrive to a clean desk tomorrow. Clean all surfaces with a moist cloth then dry.

With these 8 handy tips you can be assured that your work desk is kept clean and hygienic.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Office Chair

When you work at the office you are sitting almost the whole day – which can be mundane and with the wrong type of office chair painful. The space where you work in will greatly impact the quality of your work. Those who have thin and uncomfortable chairs are bound to need to stand up and walk around all the time to relax their muscles.

In order to give yourself a comfy space to work in you have to have the correct type of office chair. There are numerous contrasting kinds that you can utilize – but we need to center on many of the most essential kinds. Anyone of these chairs may be found at virtually any kind of office supply stores for contrasting prices.

Home Desk Chairs

The home desk chairs are used for offices that are inside of the house. They may be either large or small depending on the size of the individual using it and the room it is placed inside of. There are a variety of these types – which range from being wood, mesh, and likewise leather. Leather is plainly the most comfy because it supplies a great deal of cushion.

Executive Desk Chairs

These are a much larger kind that are usually utilized at a specified job. True to its name these are most often used for people who are higher up in the company and have a large office all to themselves. These wouldn’t be simple to utilize for people who work in a cubicle because they are too large.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

One of the best types to use are the ergonomic desk chairs. These are great for individuals who have back troubles or other problems when sitting down for long periods of time. These are developed in such a way to be more comfortable to utilize and lessen these kinds of problems.

How to Donate Used Office Furniture

Your used office chair may be able to be donated for a tax write-off.

If you are replacing some office chairs, desks or other office furniture at work or home, you do not have to put the old stuff out by the curb on trash day. Instead, you can donate all of the used office furniture, provided that it is in good shape, to a local charity in your area. A variety of national charities and local charities accept office-furniture donations. You may even be able to get a tax write-off for your donation.

  • Inspect the office furniture to make sure that it is clean and in decent condition. Typically you can only donate used office furniture that is in good condition.
  • Find local charities in your area by using the Charity Vault website or the Internal Revenue website. Once you identify some charities in your area, you should contact them to see if they accept used office furniture donations. Two national charities that do accept used office furniture are The Salvation Army and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • Take your used office furniture to the charity donation center, or arrange for it to be picked up. For instance, The Salvation Army has a truck that will come to pick up your used office furniture donation.
  • Ask for a donation receipt when you donate the office furniture. As long as the organization is a non-profit that is listed with the IRS, you can claim the donation on your taxes. Check the status of the organization on the IRS website.



How to Disassemble Office Chairs

How to Disassemble Office ChairsAlthough office chair designs across brands vary in shape and size, most share basic similarities that make it easy to recognize the points of attachment. In addition, chair manufacturers often use the same types of hardware—screws and bolts—to attach the pieces. As a result, you can quickly disassemble most chairs without difficulty.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Gloves
  •  Mallet (rubber head)
  •  Screwdriver set/electric screwdriver
  •  Wrench set


    Place chair on its side and pull each wheel from its slot in the chair base. If your chair has wheels that seem to lock into the slot, try the following to remove the wheels:

    1) Look for a small lever or tab on each wheel and press or pull it to see if it unlocks the wheel from the wheel slot.
    2) Put on a pair of gloves with grips and try to pull or twist the wheels from the slot.
    3) If all else fails, use a rubber mallet to hammer the wheels loose.

    Remove the chair’s armrests (if they can be separated from the chair or chair seat). Removable armrests typically slide into slots in your chair and/or attach via screws or bolts. Use a flat-head or cross-head screwdriver or Allen wrench (also known as a hex key) to unscrew and remove.

    Pull the chair apart (if applicable with your model) and then pull it from the base. Remove any screws or bolts attaching the chair back to the seat unless the chair is a single unit with the back and seat permanently attached.

    If the chair is a single unit, check if the hydraulics that help the chair to lift (if applicable with your model) are part of the chair assembly. If the hydraulics are not attached, pull the chair away from the hydraulics, set it aside and then remove the hydraulics–including cylinder–from the chair’s base. If the hydraulics are attached, look under the chair base for any screws or bolts, remove any hardware as needed, and then lift the entire seat and hydraulic assembly from the chair’s base.

    Bag any small hardware pieces and then box all of the disassembled chair pieces for moving or storage.


Affordable Modern Executive Office Furniture in Brisbane

Furnitures are the most important part of every commercial business. These include chairs, drawers, computer desks, cabinets, cupboards, sliders, partitions, tables etc. Different types of materials are used for manufacturing Office Fitouts like metals, wood, plastics, glasses etc. There are different type of models, styles and designs available in the office furnitures.

There are various factors that you have to consider while buying business Fitouts like:

Designing Style: Nowadays, several techniques are used for designing business furnitures. A wide range of styles is available for the office seating plan like modern, traditional, contemporary etc. If you want to have a professional layout of the work premises then you can opt any design with your own choice of colors and textures.

Dimensional Size: For a perfect business layout, it is very important to check out the dimensional size of Ergonomic Office Furnitures before final purchase. Selecting appropriate height, width and breadth of the interior products will provide convenient use to the working unit.

Comfortability: The furnitures like chairs and desks should be selected considering all comfortability features like perfect body posture, effective support to the body parts like arms, legs, shoulder, neck etc. Many people get attracted towards low price items, they do not consider quality features. Using these will cause many body disorders like neck pain, shoulder pain, spinal cord dislocation etc.

Manufacturing Materials: Different types of materials are used for making Fitouts for the commercial sites. Sometimes, their combination is also used for manufacturing interior objects. If you want to give a modern touch to the interior of your business site, then you can choose metallic and wooden furnitures.

Adjustable: Nowadays, several techniques are used for making the interior products for suitable adjustment in the office areas. Interior objects like Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed in such a way that one can easily adjust the height and movement as per their convenience. The five wheeler frame provides circular motion and the arms can be adjusted up to the desired height. These have synchronized front pivot and multi-position locking mechanism that provides easy and comfortable usage while seating and working for long hours.

Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture is one of the wider distributors and suppliers of Ergonomic Office Furniture and Executive Office Chairs Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are the team of experts who can help to renovate existing work premises and shifting to a new workplace. We have a wide range of business furniture and fitout products that will surely help to establish a well settled business place. Along with that, we also provide various services like Free in-house consultation meeting, complete business fitout service, all internal construction work, demountable wall system, supplying, delivering & installing products, custom made joinery, general maintenance and repairs. We provide guarantee on the purchase of our company products. Our products are the perfect choice for the interior of educational, government and commercial sectors. For large stock purchase of furniture goods, we also give discount offers.

Modern Office Chair – Features And Functions

A modern office chairs as many good features and functions. Before you purchase your own office chair, you must make sure that the furniture has the following features and functions.

First is the backrest adjustment, which help in preventing and even alleviating whatever discomfort that is associated with the long hours of sitting. Its features include backrest height, tilt and horizontal backrest movement. Backrest height permits you to select the right height what will provide ample support to your back while backrest tilt allows you to adopt various posture while keeping great back support. On the other hand, horizontal backrest movement will allow you to move from one side to another, allowing to chair to go deeper for the one who needs it.

Chair height adjustment is one feature that all office chairs must possess. Pneumatic lever is one common means of adjusting the height of the chair, allowing you to make adjustment while being seated. Old styled office chairs require the sitter to place his foot at the chair base then have it spun around in order to raise or lower it.

Seat pan characteristics are what you also need to check on an office chair.

When checking on the seat pan, you must see if it has a rounded edge as this will eliminate uncomfortable pressure behind your knees or back of legs. When it comes to the debt of the seat pan, there must be some space measuring the size of a closed fist. This way, there will be proper blood circulation for your legs. In case of the fabric of the seat pan, it must be permeable and durable in order to dissipate heat as well as moisture.

Armrests are another part of the office chair that needs to be checked. It is important that an armrest does not interfere with tasks being done. It must not impede any movement that you need to make. Armrests are useful for editing, reading and doing chores on your desks.

Stability is a very important feature of an office chair. Ideally your furniture must have a 5 pronged base along with the proper casters. Do not settle for the 4 pronged chairs as they are prone to be less stable and tend to tip backwards or sideways as a user leans whichever direction.

Detailed Classification of Essential Office Supplies

When it comes to any commercial entity, there are 2 aspects which combine towards operation, first being front end and second is the back end. People, technologies, management and so on, go on to make these front and back end aspects, but there is one aspect which often gets overlooked. Broadly termed as the middle end, this aspect consists of machinery, controls and most importantly office stationary. The little knots that the office stationery sector creates actually make the roots of service and delivery stronger.

There isn’t any hard and fast rule towards classifying the segment stationary and supplies, but a broadly accepted general classification in the stationary based fraternity is as follows:
* Office educational supplies
* Paper accessories
* Organizers
* Writing stationary
* Attaching office accessories
* Miscellaneous stationery

The sub-segment of office educational supplies consists of board erasers, plain boardroom dusters, magnetic dusters, whiteboards, global, national & local maps, globes, educational models etc. There are many types of multitasking customizations available here. Paper accessories includes all types of notebooks from spiral notebooks to big full-scape notebooks, paper pads, photo papers, printer papers and even other plain papers in all sizes and shapes.

The customizations in this sub-segment (office supplies on the whole) have all gone on to become full-fledged options; an example being the category of envelopes. There is an associated section comprising of paper clips, paper cutter and paper weights which assist this segment of educational supplies.

Next in line is the section of document organizers, commonly dubbed simply as organizers. From document binders to file folders and from paper folders to report covers, all form a part of – document organizers. Card holders, bookcases and desk calendars of multiple sizes are also considered a part of this section. In terms of associated accessories, the role is donned by adhesives, gum, glue stick etc. all of which are used to stick paper and related materials.

Even if most of the offices are run via IT related solutions, there is still a good amount of requirement of writing related accessories. From taking notes in diaries during meetings to writing on small stick notes, we write more than what we think we do. So, the writing based office stationery sub-segment dwells with the following:
* Ball Pens
* Chalk
* Pencil
* Re-fills
* Markers
* Highlighters (can be clubbed here as well as the section of education accessories)

There is a lot of attaching functionality performed via office supplies (paper work to be precise). These aspects are performed via staplers, U-pins, pinch pins (attaching pins), punches, threads etc. There are so many other accessories which cannot be clubbed amongst any of the segments above, and hence are clubbed as miscellaneous office stationery.

These include calculators, plastic cases, plastic file covers, plastic holders of different shapes & sizes and cases for a variety of purposes; the list is endless. In addition, there are some office supplies which have been clubbed as a part of the multitasking phenomenon; a good example is the magnetic duster which also carries space to have the markers and highlighters fitted in.

How to Decor Your Home Office with Quality Furniture?

Many of us prefer making a home like office or a home office which can endow the feel of a workplace as well as comfort of household. So, while we look out on the range of modern home office furniture featured in the showrooms, it is important to create a layout of how one is willing to design the specifications within. Whether the office set up is for running a permanent business, or as a bill handling department, or occasional telecommute, the choice of furniture should always be mindful.

If you have such a set up in Phoenix, you must ensure that it reflects design as well as comfort, keeping rest of the home secluded yet connected. There are a number of home office furniture store Phoenix AZ, wherein one can check for the most compatible set of furniture items.But before this, it is important to assess the office needs, space and other related aspects which are enlisted below:

  • Location is supreme: Since it is expected of one to spend most of the time in office during working hours, home decorators advice against stiffing the entire set-up. In combination with this, one should also take into account the traffic flow and enable all possible measures to withstand / avoid distractions. If you think your clients will be stopping by, it is better to choose a private space and ensure ample seating in that area.
  • Always keep functioning over style: Never avoid things that you need for work in order maintain fashion. Work on choosing contemporary home office furniture that can hold items and present them at your fingertips. Always invest in furniture items which are beautiful as well as useful. Also make sure that the home office furniture you use should complement other areas of house. If you home has a traditional look, go for warm wood and simple chairs. On the contrary, a contemporary home office decor can be teamed up with artistic pieces that available in a great variety with home office furniture Arizona.
  • Make your sitting comfortable: Never step back or hesitate from investing in comfortable and cozy chair. Always remember that the chair is going to be your parking space for hours to come; enter any phoenix home office furniture showroom and ask for an elegant, ergonomically-correct, as well as comfortable seated chair, they will have more than something for you.
  • Present yourself with a view: Home office should be positioned in a way to give view for something that interest you without adding distraction. Positioning a chair in front of a window to give room for natural light is ideal.
  • Time for some homey accessories: You can add a pretty mug holder for pencils, stylish and colorful notepads and sticky notes, some inspirational wall prints, or a classic painting to your interior.
  • Infuse inspiration: Always put something on your desk which inspires you to work harder. It can be a mini-shrine, framed art, or a photo of your ‘someone special’.

9 Tips for Cutting Costs on Office Supplies

Offices are always on the look out for cost trimming measures. One of the areas where savings can be made is in the buying of office supplies.

Office supplies like paper, printing inks, pens, clips, staplers and more are used everyday and is where there can be considerable wastage too.

1. Create a system whereby orders are only placed periodically say once a month or quarter. Keep a log of who has taken what and set up a system to recycle printing paper (make sure both sides are used). Aim for a paperless eco-friendly office.

2. Place orders for office supply from online stores. Make sure the order is large enough to warrant free shipping.

3. Look for generic brands of office supply. These are of quality and do not cost as much as branded varieties.

4. Surf the internet and look for discount online stores. These sell office supplies at lower rates than retail.

5. Use online directories to get quotes and compare costs. Often the same supplies will be sold by certain merchants at a lower rate as they cut overheads by storing goods in ware houses and run virtual offices.

6. Look for seasonal discounts or special offers. Many online stores give away freebies or further discounts to return customers. Find out if any of the online office supply stores have reward points or systems.

7. Set up a system whereby wastage is checked periodically. Ensure people shred documents and do not throw paper clips away. Some offices discipline staff by checking dustbins for wastage of office supplies.

8. Always comparison shop and look for bargains offline and online. Keep quality, quantity and price in mind at all times. Avoid being locked with a single vendor. Create a system that every time office supplies are ordered the lowest quote will get the order.

9. Consider leasing office equipment instead of buying. Copy machines, fax machines, and printers can be leased with maintenance included. Find out what the advantages are versus buying these machines.

Always create a list of office supply needs and then starch out items that are not necessities. Set systems in place so that employees do not use office supplies for personal use and do not order things that are not essential. For example most computers today have an inbuilt calculator and fax system. Think do you need an extra fax machine or a desk top calculator? The list should ideally have three sections: expendables, non-expendables, and work room supplies.

Similarly find cost effective solutions for telephone systems, internet connections, and so on. Think economy and lowered costs not expensive and hi-tech.

Be an educated buyer and keep abreast of the latest articles and tips on saving office supply costs on the World Wide Web. Browse the internet for new bargains and office supply directories which will offer great bargains and savings.

Buy good quality office supplies in minimal quantities at great rates and save yourself a bundle.

Who Buys Used Office Furniture?

So you’ve signed on the dotted line, leasing that office space your business needs. One of the first things you must do next is furnish the office for your employees. They need desks and chairs and phones and everything else they’ll use in the course of doing their jobs. Office supply companies sell brand new, top-of-the-line furniture, and it comes at a commensurate cost. People who buy used office furniture are bargain seekers who want to provide their employees with comfortable work spaces at a reasonable cost

Temp Time

  • Sales at clothing and toy companies reach their peak during the holiday season. An office manager may need to hire additional accountants, for example, to keep up with the additional numbers. People who need to provide temporary/seasonal workers with places to sit may be particularly interested in used office furniture, as those chairs will need to be removed in January, anyway.

Bargain Hunters

  • Unless a piece of furniture looks particularly ugly or seems to be falling apart, an employee probably won’t mind being assigned to use it. Patrice Holman, writing for Recession Global, points out that you should select furniture for its comfort, rather than its appearance. Coupled with the reduced cost, both employee and employer are happy.


  • If the ink on your documents of incorporation is still drying, purchasing used office furniture is practically a necessity. Fresh entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses frequently purchase used office furniture from one of the many vendors that can be found on the Internet or around town.

Keeping Up Appearances

  • People who buy used office furniture are demonstrating to their venture capitalists that they care about keeping costs down. When taking visitors on a tour of the office, it can truly help to brag about how little you paid to put your work space together. If you made a particularly shrewd deal on, say, cubicle walls, revealing this might convince others that you are a good businessperson.

Environmental Concerns

  • Office furniture, as you can imagine, contains pieces from lots of different resources. Purchasing used office furniture, as the Environmental Blog points out, means that one fewer tree must be cut down, less petroleum must be turned into plastic, and so on. Further, preventing perfectly good furniture from being thrown away keeps landfills from filling up. Letting your employees know they are using used furniture also spreads the attitude that your company is eco-friendly.


How To Clean Office Desks Correctly

These days, a lot of office workers spend a major part of their day working with their office desks. Office desks are very valuable furniture pieces. Nearly all of the tasks and functions of office workers are accomplished with the help of office desks. No matter whether it is a home or a corporate office, it needs office desks. As a matter of fact, a lot of office tasks are completed with the help of office desks. And given the fact that office desks are among the most vital and highly used furniture components in an office, there is a need to maintain it properly. And cleaning is one way of maintaining office desks. It is vital to clean office desks; because; messy and untidy desks can make their users less efficient. Moreover, well-maintained office desks also give out a positive impression among clients, bosses and as well as to co-workers.

The first move towards having clean office desks is to put away needless records or papers. Habitual disposal of needless papers will help prevent the buildup of clutter in your desk. If you believe you will need the papers in the future, think of maintaining a system for storing documents or keep the papers saved in file folders. Think about keeping not-so-important supplies and records in a separate area that you can access at ease when you need to use them. Working with a disorganized and muddled office desk will make your tasks more challenging.

You can put in other additional accessories like mugs, stationaries, ornamental frames, nice-looking pen stands or card carriers to your office desk. However, make sure you don’t get too many of these items; because they can mess up your work area. Ensure that most of the items or office supplies which are on and in your office desk has a purpose. It would be suitable to place one or two decorative items on your office desk to break the boredom; but other than these items, everything else should be practical.

The next thing that you should do is to clean your office desk–as in take off dust and other elements. You can do this with the use of a dry piece of cloth or a static cling duster. Make sure to dust not only the external surfaces but as well as the spaces inside your office desk like drawers or cabinets. Once you are done dusting your office desk, you can then proceed to wiping it with a cloth that has been soaked in water or commercial cleaner. However, you must carefully see to it that the cleaner you are about to use is suitable for your office desk and that you have followed its directions for use accurately. Or else, you will just end up ruining your office desk. The last thing that you need to do is to rub on polishing products to your office desk. Most of the time, these products are available in the form of sprays, creams or wax.

Do not forget to clean your office desk periodically–dusting and polishing your office desks habitually can help make it last longer and may as well keep you away from all kinds of diseases.

Design Your Office Entrance With Bespoke Reception Desk

How about designing every room of your own business office with self ideas and creativity? Will definitely be a great idea to let the dream office come true. Now you can design your office and set up new bespoke reception desk to increase its style factor. Now there is no need to search around for ready made Reception Desk Furniture. Simply meet the designers and consult with them with self ideas and build up Reception Office Furniture as you like.

Simple but effective ideas can be very effective to increase the outlook and design of the furniture at entrance. Your customized bespoke reception desk can be well placed at a right place at entrance with some chairs and lights on the ceiling to increase the blaze. As per nature of business the entrance reception table can be articulated with a mix-match of different colors or a single color for furniture. Bespoke Reception Desk can include some cabins, drawers, glass and metal sliding doors, and new style furnishing at corners.

Your office bespoke reception desk can be made further creative by adding a different color and some frames aside the front side. As per the direction of office, entrance reception counter can be placed with some matching furniture at background. This can be perfect for some storage utility. The office reception furniture should match the services. Music industry can have mix of colors, instruments jotted on the furniture, where as IT sector office desk can be formal with two-color furniture. As per needs it is simple to design any customized set.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are all the supplies regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations. It includes small, expendable, daily use items such as paper clips, post-it notes, and staples, small machines such as hole punches, binders, staplers andlaminators, writing utensils and paper, but also encompasses higher-cost equipment like computers, printers, fax machines,photocopiers and cash registers, as well as office furniture such as chairs, cubicles, filing cabinets, and armoire desks. Two very common medium-to-high-cost office equipment items before the advent of suitably priced word processing machines and PCs in the 1970s and 1980s were typewriters and adding machines.

Many businesses in the office supply industry have recently expanded into related markets[citation needed] for businesses like copy centers, which facilitate the creation and printing of business collateral such as business cards and stationery, plus printing and binding of high quality, high volume business and engineering documents. Some businesses also provide services for shipping, including packaging and bulk mailing. In addition, many retail chains sell related supplies beyond businesses and regularly market their stores as a center for school supplies with August and early September being a major retail period for Back to school sales.

The office supply industry was estimated to be worth US$ 225 billion in 1999 and is still growing.

Controlling Your Office Supplies Spend

Out of all of the things that one would think of to save money on for a business, office supplies is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, numerous business owners and managers are beginning to realise that office supplies are quickly becoming something they have to keep an eye on.

To the average employee things like Office Supplies and stationery seem to just always be there. They don’t give a thought about how it got there or who paid for it. The employee will not worry about how much paper or how many pens they use because they know that a short walk to the stationery cupboard can easily replenish their supply. If you are in the position of owning or operating a business though, you need to consider changing this mindset.

The first step that you can take is to stop buying brand name office supplies. Believe it or not, the own brand products nearly always do just as well as their name brand counterparts and can offer huge savings.

Another logical step is to do some comparison shopping. Typically you are going to have just one supplier for your office products. If you are like most companies you probably use your local office supplies company because they give you a catalogue every year and offer a good service. You probably have the job delegated to an administration function within your business who’s job it is to simply order the products rather than question the pricing. If this scenario sounds familiar then start to think about benchmarking your current suppliers pricing against two or three online stationery companies. The online suppliers will offer everything your usual supplier does but as they operate with significantly lower overheads they are able to offer big savings.

Keep in mind that price isn’t everything. You need to make sure that your supplier of choice is also one that is going to be reliable and provide you with a consistently good level of service.  Getting a supplier that can also provide for the occasional emergency requirement is even better. You never know exactly when the office will run out of stationery.

Managing the budget of a business is a complex and difficult process. Whenever the economy gets rough it becomes increasingly difficult. Trimming a bit of fat from your office supplies budget  through implementing some simple buying practices could be a surprisingly effective place to start.  It is also worth explaining to your employees the need to maintain control over this area of spending. When they realise that they may be helping to save their jobs or the jobs of others, they will tend to pay more attention. In the end it is all about creating a better and more effective office environment.

A Short History of the Office Desk

It is unclear when exactly desks were invented, but desk-style furniture may have existed in classical antiquity or in other ancient centers of civilization in the Middle East or Far East. The first pieces of furniture that seem to have been designed and constructed for reading and writing have been shown in medieval illustrations. The common office desk, though seemingly simple and nondescript, also has quite a bit of history behind it.

The office desk had its beginnings in the 17th century. At that time, the main need for a desk was to create documents. Thus, these desks were not too large – just a writing table with a chair, and room for ink bottles and other tools necessary for writing on paper. These desks were pieces of art, each handmade by a master wood worker and cabinetmaker for those who had the money and status to deserve a piece of such craftsmanship.

In the 19th century, during the industrial revolution, there was a boom in the number of office workers. Therefore, desks were mass-produced for them in large quantities using steam-driven woodworking machinery. Since then, limited quantities of finely crafted desks have been constructed by master cabinetmakers for the homes and offices of the rich, while the vast majority of desks were assembled by unskilled labor, from components turned out in batches by machine tools.

With the advent of office desks, office desk accessories soon followed. It is hard to see an office desk that is not riddled with personal belongings and even knick knacks. Nowadays, more and more different kinds of office desk accessories are becoming available. Some are made especially for relieving stress on a hectic workday, while some are just designed to appeal to the aesthetic senses. Office desk accessories are not only useful, they also provide a personal touch to an otherwise generic table.

What’S The Best Office Chair For Obese People?

Being overweight is a pain, particularly when it comes to chairs. Have you ever looked for an office chair for obese people? It’s very difficult to find one that is rated for more than 200 lbs, despite the fact that a large percentage of the country’s population is now overweight. The best chair for heavy people is one that will stand up to the necessary stress of daily living.

Durable Chairs

Just because an office chair for obese people looks sturdy, doesn’t mean it really is. There are many chairs that are billed as being for overweight folks, but really they only hold up to 250 lbs. That’s not enough for many office workers these days!

You want to get a computer chair that is made of metal, particularly the legs and core, and which is rated to at least 400 lbs. Some office chairs go up to 500 lbs and these are even better. No matter what you weigh, opt for the strongest chair you can find, since that is the one that will last for you.

Keep in mind that the material for the chair should be comfortable and not itchy. It should also allow for some circulation in case things get hot. You’ll be in the chair a lot so it needs to be very comfortable. What many people don’t realize is that when you weigh more, you also need a little extra padding in the office chairs because your weight will compress what’s there. Good chair manufacturers understand this.

If you are tall, as well as big, you’ll need a chair that is larger than most to accommodate the length of your body as well as the width. This can be quite difficult to find in most office supply stores.

An office chair for obese people is usually best bought online. The internet gives you access to a wide range of computer chairs for heavy people and the ability to purchase them and even get fast shipping. Many people use online shopping as a way to find things that they wouldn’t normally be able to find in their hometown and this includes that perfect office chair for obese people.

If you’re sick of having computer chairs crumble to bits because they are so poorly made, then you might want to go ahead and get yourself an office chair for obese people. It will hold up to much more weight and even if you don’t weight that much over the ideal, it’s still nice to have a sturdy chair that will last.

How to Place Office Furniture

If you are starting a new business or want to adjust your current office, there are resources out there to help you. There is much to consider when preparing an office to run properly. The placement of office furniture can hinder or help a business’ productivity.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Desk and chairs
  •  File cabinets


    Decide what kind of furniture will benefit your type of business. For example if you are an architect, your office will need different furniture to function properly than an accountant will.

    Measure your available office space. Tape measures can be used to measure each length of the wall. Draw a sketch of your office space and record the measurements for future use.

    Pick a sensible set up that will allow you to work without wasting time on unnecessary steps. For example, your desk or main work area should be the focus of the room and all other pieces of furniture should revolve around this center point.

    Surround the furniture which you will use personally around the desk in a way to optimize available space and functionality. Place a trash can next to your desk. Your chair will be at your desk. File cabinets and other pieces of furniture that hold frequently used materials should be within an arm’s reach.

    Place additional furniture for clients if necessary in a friendly and welcoming fashion. Consider your profession when choosing where to put extra seating. As a psychiatrist your office furniture should be set up in an inviting and open fashion. If you are a banker it is appropriate to have a desk in between you and your clients.

    Seek professional help. The Internet has some appropriate websites that will take care of your office furniture set up for a fee.

Working advantage with quality office furniture

There are many leading brands with the office furniture for the offices. But, all of them rely on the quality products because they know that the health and life of the person is dependent upon the place where they sit and do their important works of their life. Office is such a place where the employee has to devote ample of hours to accomplish their work and get the appraisal for their good work. But, they can produce quality and good work only if they have comfortable place to sit at and give the reliable output.

The office furniture has so much to look at. The office furniture in Gurgaon is known for its quality and modern style techniques that make your office the unique and distinctive one among all.   Buying the office furnishings manually is the best buy one can make instead of any online shop for this thing. Because, unless and until you cannot see something in front of you, the right judgment cannot be made. Sitting at chairs and opening each drawer of the desk is what you can check and satisfy with the quality of the furnishings. Rest, the better check of the quality is tested when we use it in out premises for few years. But, this is for sure that if we make a buy of the quality and well equipped furniture, then it is more durable and gives you worth of its value being spent initially for its purchase, while buying cheap furniture to save your budget and get less quality furnishings, it will make you buy some assets again and that will eventually costs you much more than this.

Not only this, the health of your employee is in your hands when he or she is coming to your place to give you work. You can give them a good sitting and thus, a better comfort. A bad chair in the office furniture can affect their body especially their back, neck and shoulder. The body pains can be even permanent if they do not get a full body support from the chair and if the level of the desk in not appropriate as per their height. When one enters to your office, the first thing lures the being is their furniture that is really agonizing their office interior. The lacs of money spent on the interiors of the office is of no use is one does not baptizes it with a good furniture. The good furniture makes your believe you that you are really concerned for your employees and take care of their needs in life. This builds a hormonal relation between both of you. The modern office furniture is such that it accommodates all the necessary furnishings in such a way that it utilizes the space efficiently and also brings the people residing in it under a comfort zone.

Buying A Leather Office Chair

If you are going to purchase chairs for your office there is a good chance that you will overwhelmed with the range of choices available in terms of color, shape, and sizes. Office chairs come in a whole range of prices depending on the features and comfort level. A chair that can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the user and gives good support to the bones is an indispensable accessory for your office and even your home. But if luxury is what you are after, a plush leather chair is just what you need.

Leather chairs are preferred mostly by executives and leather chairs can be seen in executive lounges, conference rooms, and executive offices all over the world.

Most people who like leather chairs love luxury and comfort they give you. They not only provide proper support to your back and body but also are also very comfortable. Most of them can be adjusted according to individual requirements and suit personal needs.

Leather chairs guarantee maximum comfort even if you sit on them for hours together. Raw materials that go into making leather chairs include cowhide leather, sometimes coated by vinyl for certain areas, which increases durability. Some chairs are leather-faced meaning that the all important part of the chair that you sit on is leather, while the rest of the chair is usually covered with the same coloured PVC. With leather chairs with swivel base and wheels, you can glide from one task to another as you rush to meet your deadlines.

If you are going to buy a leather chair for yourself, you need to try out different options and find something that is perfect for you. A chair that your colleague likes a lot might not work well for you at all. Leather chairs usually come with a higher price tag than regular office chairs but the good thing is that they are also generally durable and hard wearing.

Whatever style of chair you decide to buy for your office, be it a regular Leather Office chairs, executive leather chair or a twenty-four hour chair, you need to make sure that it is also available in the range of high and tall. The latter is especially designed for people who are a size bigger.

The range of leather chairs available in the market is wide, in terms of size, shape, comfort, and price. When buying a chair, for your office, cost should not be your only consideration, how comfortable the chair is and if it provides proper support to your back and body is more important. No matter how big or small your team is, whether you have ten people working under you or a hundred, you need to ensure that they have comfortable chairs to sit on for performing their work, and for this, you have to look beyond the cost.

Used Office Furniture Is a Great Way to Help Your Start Up Survive

If you are starting a business for the first time, this might end up being sporadic. If you want to save some money, purchasing Office Furniture Chicago is a better option than purchasing brand new furniture. Used furniture works just as well, can still look good, and you will save much more money than you would on brand new furniture.

If you have an office in your house, then Used Office Furniture Naperville really is the better options. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Larger companies always search for furniture that suits well for different individuals. However; if you only have one office, then you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Why not make the time to search for furniture that is of high quality at a much better cost.

Understanding where to search for furniture is the key. Searching for used furniture in good condition does not have to be difficult. Never only look at office furniture dealership stores. You will not get a good price. Why? Because they will try to convince you to purchase brand new furniture. They are also the middleman (They have a markup that comes with it). If you want to get the most from your money, then visit a business that only sells furniture that has been used. Better yet, one that has a division for used furniture.

At Used Office Furniture Chicago stores, you will find the following: workstations, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, desks and a whole lot more. Begin your search in your local town or city where you work or reside. This way you will be able to view what you are purchasing before paying for it. Delivery fees or freight in local areas will probably also be much more affordable. If you don’t know where the best place to shop is, then ask around. Individuals or businesses should be able to recommend the best place for used office furniture to you.

Another thing to remember when searching for used cubicles/workstations is the cost for delivery and installation. You can expect that it will likely cost similar to furniture that is new. If you purchase items already installed, you will likely have to pay fees for a knockdown. Purchasing office furniture that has been used will save you more money than new furniture. Be sure to come up with a list of what you are searching for, and how much you need. Does this before you go shopping? Taking the correct measurements will be a huge time saver.

To operate a business successfully, office furniture is a must. It will also help you to appear professional. Your office will also look organized. The desk is a vital piece of furniture in any office. This is where everything gets done. Cubicles and workstations are also important. They help you to keep you and your employees focused and organized. It can be difficult to choose the correct desks for your office. There are many choices available. You will also have to think about the space and how much money you can afford. The number of employees also has to be thought about. Reception desks, Hutch desks, L-Shaped Desks are just a few of the styles and shape that you can make your selection from.

Feng Shui Office Desk Direction – Auspicious Feng Shui Office

Feng Shui Office Desk Direction

There are three places in each home that are of special concern and we want to have each of these areas arranged appropriately to receive the best benefit. The first area of concern is the bedroom, the second is the stove and kitchen and the third is your home office. We spend a considerable amount of time in each of these rooms and we receive their energy, be that good or bad. So why not make the most of them. Feng Shui Office Desk Direction

In this article I would like to concentrate on the home office. The basic guidelines for your home office can also be applied to your space at work if you have the flexibility. The location of the office in your home, the location of your desk and chair within the office and the direction you face while sitting are the three most important things to think about.

Locate your office somewhere else other than your kitchen area or bedroom. You need to have a place devoted to work without the distraction of the constant traffic a kitchen usually experiences. The kitchen will also remind you of the work you have to do-shopping, cooking, cleaning for instance. Also, your office equipment and supplies can be damaged by moisture and cooking vapors. You might also gain weight by having your office in view of the kitchen. When you have your office in your bedroom you become sleepy while working. The bed calls you to nap. And on the other hand when you do want to sleep you are reminded of the work you didn’t have time to finish. Also all the electronic equipment creates vibrations that will disturb your sleep.

So where does your office go? Each person has four beneficial locations/directions and four inauspicious locations/directions. Set up your office in one of your beneficial locations if at all possible. Once you have found the best room for your office, place your desk. You do not want to sit directly in front of the door. This position is too strong and will disturb your concentration. You will be distracted by anyone who walks by your room. Do not sit with your back to the door either. This makes you feel uncomfortable because you can be surprised by someone walking in on you. Feng Shui Office Desk Direction

Generally the best place for your desk is in the corner opposite the door. Place your desk so that you have a wall behind your back. That way you can see anyone who approaches without being surprised. Some schools call this the power position.

If you have many windows in the room, control the light with curtains. Glare makes it difficult to concentrate and causes eyestrain. Also invest in good task lighting for your desk. It is well worth the money and less expensive than a new pair of glasses or migraine medicine.

Keep your desk neat and clean. Have a good filing system and supplies close at hand. This will minimize the clutter on your desk and make your job easier. Too many files, to- do lists and family photos on your desk keep you from concentrating on the work at hand. Book cases are great for organizing papers, reference material and supplies. It is beneficial to have doors on the bookcase to eliminate visual clutter.

Your office should be painted in neutral colors so as not to interfere with your work. Keep it light. Dark colors can be depressing and too strong for an office. Choose a color appropriate for the compass direction of the room. A well organized bulletin board is helpful, but keep it neat. Art work should not be too distracting.

In other words, keep your surroundings simple and calm. This will allow you to do your best work. Choose a good location to receive good energy and the battle is more than half won.

Now get to work and finish that novel you started. Feng Shui Office Desk Direction

Beautify your Office With Glass Desks and Reception Desks

Apparently, Glass is Class!
And therefore, people long since the mediaeval period, especially in England and France, have used glass in different ways to give themselves a separate identity from the rest. People with refined tastes, have always used designed work of glass to appear different from the ranks. And so it is in today’s times, where people use glass furniture and utensils to mark a difference.

Even in the corporate world, glass is pervasive. Furniture like glass desks for conference rooms and glass reception desks are used to set them apart from the usual workstations. Glass is increasingly replacing wooden furniture like reception desks, conference tables, tables for members of the top management, writing desks, computer desks and armoires, corner desks and book cases.

Glass cuts through the monotony in office environment. The days of the overbearing Mahagony and Teak ruling the roost, is on the reverse countdown. Now glass, with its wide variety of designs and furniture in iconoclastic shapes have slowly and steadily taken over in the corporate culture. You can find beautiful and contemporary designs in glass desks and receptions desks that are worth a steal!

Glass also has symbolic meaning in office. These days, transparency is the in-thing in offices in UK as well as around the world. Most of the big organisations believe in the policy of transparency and therefore they have glass desks and other furniture. And not just that, they also have walls and partitions made up of glass.

Glass desks and reception desks of contemporary designs are easily available through internet. At some of the web stores, you also get some really affordable ones. When you browse through some classy collection of office furniture, do go through the glass furniture collection and check out what suits best for your office set up.

View Binder Finder Helpful Tips Find The Right Office Supplies Online

It\’s unbelievable that searching on many office supply websites for binders will bring up 1700-1800 products, so the first thing to do is pare them down. There\’s really only 3 primary sizes for binders, standard letter, 14 inch legal size binders, and 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 small size binders. 95% of the time you\’ll need a standard letter size binder. Next, sort by the color of binder you need and the possible product choices will shrink considerably.

There are two distinct types of binders. View binders which have clear overlays covering the vinyl of the binder so you can insert cover pages into your binder or spine, and regular \”non-view\” binders which have no overlay covering. View binders outsell regular binders 5 to 1, and are actually less expensive many times, so most people go with view binders. Next, you\’ll need to determine the ring capacity for your binder. Ring capacities vary from 1/2\” all the way up to 5 inch binders, and the higher the ring size, the more sheets of paper a binder holds. The most popular sizes are 1 inch and 2 inch binders, but more and more people have large filing needs, so 3 inch binders, 4 inch binders and 5 inch binders which can hold as many as 1050 sheets are growing in popularity.

The last feature to sort by before getting to brand and price is the ring \”style\”. Not long ago, most all binders were either round ring, the rings used in typical school binders, and D ring binders designed more for office needs. Today there are as many as six different ring styles all with various price points. The premium priced ring style is EZD ring binders which have \”easy open\” one touch rings, and the D shape style which holds more paper and allows the sheets to turn easier. Next are slant rings, then gapless rings, standard d rings and then round rings from a price hierarchy standpoint. I recommend the D ring binder for a good combination of durability and value.

After sorting by size, color, ring capacity and then ring style, you should be down to only 10-15 choices – much more manageable than 1700! Now it\’s about brand and price, which are somewhat tied together. The best known national brands for binders are Avery, Wilson Jones, Samsill and Cardinal, and all make quality binders at reasonable prices. However, I recommend Universal brand binders if you are value conscious as they make excellent quality binders at prices that are 25-35% less than the national brands.

Finally the question I hear most often is where is the best place to buy binders online? My advice is to stay away from the office superstores who no longer have the best prices, and have huge corporate structures that create poor customer service. I buy office supplies online at smaller independent office products dealers, and look specifically for companies that do good work in the community as well as offering low prices and free shipping. There are even new office products companies out there that work with great charities and donate half their profits to worthy causes. I feel good buying from companies like that, and you will too. Enjoy today and happy hunting looking for that perfect binder!

The Best Way to Organize Office Supplies

ocating the office supplies you need in a disorganized mess can be frustrating. Organize office supplies to avoid this problem. Organization also prevents the purchase of too many of one item and not enough of another. Whether organizing the supplies at your desk, for a small office or a large supply closet, the process is about the same. “Organize Your Office” recommends placing someone in charge of the office supply inventory

Things You’ll Need

  •  Pen cup
  •  Supply organizer with compartments
  •  Desktop paper organizer
  •  Scrap paper
  •  Trash bag
  •  Paper shredder
  •  File folders
  •  Labels
  •  Fine-tipped marker
  •  Filing cabinet
  •  Divider
  •  Plastic storage containers with lids


Clear off a spot on a desk. Place the pen cup, paper organizer and supply organizer on it.

Locate all the pens, pencils and other writing utensils in the area. Test each pen, marker and highlighter on a scrap piece of paper. Discard any non-working items. Place the rest in the pen cup.

  • Sort papers into two piles: “Shred” and “Keep.” Use the paper shredder to shred the appropriate pile.

    Sort the “Keep” papers into categories. The categories depend on what type of work you do at your desk. For example, use the categories “Bills” and “Receipts” to keep tax papers organized.

    Write down the name of each category on a file label. Place the label on the folder.

    Place the papers in the corresponding category. Put the folders into a filing cabinet.

    Locate items like rubber bands, stamps, ink, thumbtacks, staples and paperclips. Sort those items into the organizer tray. Set the tray in an easily accessible place on the desk.

    Place the desktop paper organizer on the desk. Use each slot for a different type of paper. Place labels to indicate each purpose.


Clear off one desk to use as an organization spot.

Clear off one desk in the office at a time. Throw away all trash, dried-up pens and shred unnecessary papers. Place items specific to that desk on the cleared surface. This prevents items from getting lost or mixed up.

Gather all the writing tools, staplers, hole punches and other small tools together. Sort them out equally between the number of desks. Place all tools in pen cups or tray organizers. Place on each desk.

Place a paper organizer on each desk. Have the person who works at that desk sort his papers into categories.

Write down the name of each category on a file label. Put labels on folders. You may have to make sub-folders for each category. For example, the “Claims” folder may need additional folders for each year. Place the papers in the corresponding category. Put the folders into a filling cabinet. If you have multiple folders for one category, use clearly marked dividers between categories.

Supply Closet

Empty the closet. Have a trash bag nearby to throw away old writing utensils, damaged supplies and other trash. Pile all like items together. For example, place all writing utensils together.

Write a label for each type of item and place it in a plastic storage container. For example, “Pens and Pencils” or “Folders.” Place items into the appropriate bin.

Stack the items in the closet, with labels facing out.


Modern office furniture to spice up the workplace ambience

Like everything else in the world, office furniture designs and requirements keep changing with time. This is a crucial part of any office space that allows people to do their job in great comfort. With the right selection of furniture pieces, you feel like sitting inside home and work amidst great comfort. No matter how occupied you are, a good set of furniture do not let you feel tired of your work. While maintaining a professional yet elegant look, it creates a healthy and comfortable working environment inside offices.

Office furniture Singapore is a vast category that includes a variety of articles – workstations, tables, chairs, central tables, executive desks, reception desks, conference room furniture, filing and storage units, office partitions, magazine racks and cafeteria furniture.

Like their type and design, the cost of the furniture does vary, however it depends more on the quality of the products chosen. There are sophisticated as well as too simple products and as expected, furniture without any special provision costs much less than bejewelled items. Depending on the budget you have sanctioned for this purpose, you can purchase a wide variety of products for all your needs.

A notable thing is that the office furniture items vary in quality, usage, durability, and flexibility. However, the features and lifespan of these items also depend on the way these are handled. If you want a better deal in terms of features, you better make a purchase from a branded shop or retailer where you will get a warranty on every item.

While you are particular about features and cost, you should also consider the factors like functionality and comfort – which are very much anticipated in the modern office environment. In fact, the furnishing items you choose should cater to all your requirements.

An important thing about this modern world is the technology, which are also being incorporated into daily utility products like office chair and other furniture. Manufacturers and suppliers now offer cutting-edge products to offer impeccable solutions. Today’s markets and consumers are highly demanding, and hence manufacturers are investing a lot to ensure their demands are met exactly and quickly.

Furniture hasn’t to be grey

Do you always imagine grey and wood for workspace furnishing? Change your perceptions toward the world. Office environment needn’t to be brown, sad and tinged. Manufacturers are busy incorporating a splash of colour and vibrancy in the range of office furniture. Now is the era of sleek, stylish and multi-coloured furnishings. Whether you want tables, reception desks or office chair Singapore, you have the option to paint them in your favourite colour. It is not a massive shock when you consider the investment, but a right choice toward your workforce’s mental health.

You can switch to multi-purpose, adjustable, colourful and ergonomically designed furnishings to infuse a new lease life to the dull and drab interior. Modern range of furniture provides a complete makeover to your office, which can also boost employees’ moral and productivity. Pleasant office furniture and environment also plays a part in attracting and retaining employees.

Get Sports Merchandise For Your Man Cave or Office Desk

If you are a sports fanatic, wouldn’t you love to have an awesome collection of sports merchandise? People worship their favorite sport, all over the world. Whether it is cricket, football, basketball, tennis, golf, archery, baseball, etc., masses are always attracted to the enthusiasm and energy of the game. Sports merchandise is one of the few industries that continues to survives, irrespective of the worst economic conditions. Isn’t it great that you get a medium to engage your favorite game, even if you don’t get the opportunity to witness it in front of your eyes? Its like you get associated with the game, buy purchasing the merchandise.

In the past years, sports merchandise has experience a growth in the sale of various sports goods, as people are getting attracted with the idea of surrounding themselves with their favored game. With symbols, logos and name of players all around them, people feel that they are related to the sport and contributing their part in making it more popular. Furthermore, companies associated with sports merchandise also ask sports lovers for their opinions and wishes, so that they can provide their customers with the same. This all has lead sports merchandise industry to enjoy successful business, year after year.

At the present time, sports merchandising is influenced by people’s love towards their favorite MLS, NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR and SOCCER teams. Popularity of college and university level sports team has brought a vast selection of sports merchandise being introduced in the online market, as well. Now, its very easy to purchase goods of your preferred team as all you have to do is to search an online store that proffers merchandise of your choice. Like you can get NHL team logo merchandise & apparel or buy MLB baseball team merchandise such as runner rugs, floor mats, door mats, BBQ grill mats, cutting boards, seat covers, pool table, bracelet watches, wrist watches, throw mats, etc. very easily and that too, in multiple colors.

Getting sports merchandise is one of the simplest ways to preserve the most greatest memories of your favorite team. You can also consider sports merchandise and apparel selection, as a gift to someone who would love to have his/her favorite team stuff. All the accessories, can contribute a lot in enhancing the look of your garden, man cave, office desk, dorm room, etc. What are you waiting for? Buy some cool sports goods and accentuate your favorite corner of the house or office.

How to select the best office chairs

Chair is the most common and popular item in the world of furniture. Whether you want it for your sitting job in the office or to stay relax in the home, you always desired for the best one as suited to your frame. Keeping in view the long working hours and short breaks, office chairs plays a vital role in physical and mental fitness. Opting for the well adhere to your body type with adjustable features can lower your stress level and makes you more productive. When it comes to office chairs, nobody wants to compromise as it is directly linked to your health. So you can say that it is like an investment that has immense health benefits and is directly proportional to efficient and rewarding working hours.

Listed below the factors that play an important role while selecting the best office chairs that can meet your unique body posture:


The height adjustment feature is the most basic function in this domain. You will definitely need it to adjust the chair according to your height and desk. This adjustment feature comes with a paddle and lever to raise the chair at your specified height range.


You will always end up the search on durable furniture if you want to save your valuable money and priceless time. The strength of the furniture is the key to its long lasting run. It is always advisable that never purchase the chair with bargain components, as it will not last as long as you might expect, and then again after a couple of years, you look over the marketplace and spend your hard earned money.

Manufacturer warranty

You can take advantage of the manufacturer warranty by purchasing the office chairs with long warranty periods or lifetime warranty. However, it is strongly recommended to read the warranty card with utmost care as it may have certain parameters that will not cover under the scheme. It is important to keep in mind that all components of the chair will not warrant the same period, some may have of short period length. Seat fabric and finishing items usually fades with time, so keep a check on them also.

Comfort and style

Who don’t want to own the office chair with ultimate comfort and attractive design? Well, comfort and style comes together that cannot be compromised. You can’t concentrate on work if you don’t feel comfortable. As we all know that comfort is of prime importance in working environment, so how it can will be neglected? Well cushioned comfortable chairs can beat your daily stress and makes you more relaxed and fresh.

The term ‘modern office chairs’ offers so much variants under one name and houses the suitably designed and crafted chairs as per your needs. Have a look on the basic features that are described here and do the market research. Then follow your basic instinct to choose the perfect piece as per your need and class. Happy shopping!

How to Order Office Supplies

Whether you work at a large law firm, financial building, or from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be needing office supplies.  Office supplies can range from staplers to storage cabinets.  No matter what kind of office you work in, you’ll need office supplies to make your work easier and more productive.

It’s impossible to work in an office without supplies, right?  How can you ever expect to organize your files without having folders and file cabinets?  How can you devise an office filing system without the supplies necessary to make the system work?  And how do you know which office supplies would best suit your office and filing system?

Thankfully, with the aid of the Internet, you can order all the office supplies you’ll ever need.   If you order office supplies online, you’ll discover that your choices are virtually endless.  You’ll find a variety of supplies online that can never be found in ordinary stores.  For instance, if you need filing folders, you can choose from manila, expandable, legal classification, and more.  You can order small file cabinets, large file shelves, filing boxes, and many other storage units.

Need printer paper in different colors?  What about a paper shredder?  You can order office supplies like those online as well. Oh, and don’t forge about stampers.  Date stampers, personalized stampers, small or large stampers… you can find them online as well!

As far as electronic files go, you can order old fashioned floppy discs or go for CD’rs.  If you also need hard copies, then you’ll need a good printer and quality paper.  Whatever kind of office supplies you need, they’re all only a few clicks away!  Save your gas money and order office supplies online instead of driving around looking for them. You’ll also find unbeatable prices and deals by shopping for office supplies online!

Tips for Finding Office Chairs for Obese People

Tired of having your office chair break on you, thanks to extra weight? It’s not surprising in today’s world of cheap consumer products that most chairs aren’t designed to withstand more than 200 lbs. Office chairs for obese people are hard to find, if you don’t know where to look, so most people just make do with broken chairs or continue to buy them at an alarming rate.

Office chairs for obese people might not be easy to find, but they do exist. There are several stores that sell computer chairs designed for bigger people. These chairs are usually very comfortable and come with metal parts, as well as wider seats to ensure comfort. No need to squeeze into a narrow chair when you have options like this.

The one thing that you will notice is the price difference. Often, office chairs for obese people will cost a bit more than a regular chair. This is due to the fact that they have to use stronger, more expensive materials, not because they are discriminating against overweight people. Metal is going to cost more than plastic, so you have to keep this in mind.

The extra dollars are usually well worth it. Imagine if you spend twice as much on a chair for obese people as you do for a regular one, but the larger, sturdier chair lasts you for 2 years, whereas the regular chair would have broken after two months. You can see that it is easily worth the money to avoid having to replace your chair or dealing with broken legs on an existing office chair.

A good, strong office chair is an investment, particularly if you need it for your job. You may even be able to convince your boss to pick up the tab if you will be using the chair at work. There are some very nice, unassuming office chairs for obese people and you can easily have one in your office without raising eyebrows. Only you will know that it is specially designed to withstand your weight.

Safeguard Office Supplies with Commercial Grade Packaging Distributors

Relocation is the new trend. With better growth opportunities, a company or a firm has no problem in relocating to a different location. However, relocation is not limited to employees; rather the complete facility gets transported from its parent location. Until a few years, relocation was a setback for many as they did not like the change primarily. But, with commercial packaging and supply distributors, the process has become a lot easier. These packaging firms are trained to securely pack everything, even the minutest items without causing any tapering or mismanagement. Placed in commercial supply boxes, office stationery, office records, electrical appliances and a whole list of other items can be transported to the desired location without any breakage or misplacement. Also, the material handling becomes easy with commercial grade packaging.

Not only are these commercial packers trained, they also very well understand the importance of these materials. An office becomes functional with the help of all such items. These items are indispensable and help in making the new office operational. Nowadays, eco-friendly packaging material is being used quite prominently. For instance, dunnage bubble, recycled paper and loose fill are quite actively used to safeguard the packaged material and protect it while transporting. Also, layers of paper bags and sheets help in easy wrapping. All of these items are highly biodegradable and do not pollute the environment after their use. Until recently, plastic packaging materials have been used but now high-quality packaging has made things easy and transparent.

Also, newly manufactured supply materials come with easy management. For instance, a company is relocating from one area to another; you can make use of these reliable office supplies and get all your belongings for the desired location packed properly. Recently, widespread utility has been seen within office spaces. If your company is not relocating to some other location, even then these packaging supplies can be used to make things easy and comfortable for the employees who are asked to move for instance, from first floor to fourth floor. Their portable storage containers are entirely made of steel and they prevent the excess usage of plastic by providing an alternative source of storage for storing a lot of goods. Assembling office supplies becomes easy with these packaging materials.

Nowadays, there are options to buy these boxes and other packaging supplies online. Payment options, availability of stocks, price, etc must be evaluated before making the purchase.  If you are based in Michigan, a list of online suppliers for packaging can be scrolled. With web availability, you can select the one which provides quality supplies at industry’s best prices. Safeguard every office item with good quality packaging materials.

Importance of an Office Chair to Your Back

As modern life and high competition in all aspect, most of us spend all time from 9 to 5 stick on our office chairs. Employees are chasing for their achievement and working hard. Imagine, your work life as officer, clerk, programmer, or animator, you have to spend hours at your desk, working on the computer on your desk, sitting in an uncomfortable pose which causing severe harm to your body.

In fact, office chair should be designed to provide the right kind of support to our backbones so that the backbone is able to maintain its natural posture when we are sitting on such office chairs for hours on end. Sitting in an office chair for long periods of time can absolutely result low back pain because sitting in an office chair is a static posture with not much move that increases stress in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Furthermore, when sitting in an office chair for a long period, most people tend to slouch over or slouch down in the office chair, and this posture can overstretch the spinal ligaments and strain the discs and surrounding structures in the spine. This incorrect sitting posture can harm spinal structures and contribute to or improve to back pain. We will discuss some guiding principles for setting up one’s office chair. The office chair is certainly a key attributor to workstation ergonomics to help prevent back strain and promote overall good back health.

There are many concern we can choose an office chair to fit our own need. Firstly, seat height should be easily adjustable. For most people, a seat height should range from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor which allows the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor with thighs horizontal and arms on the level of the height of the desk.

Seat width and depth, other complement, should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. Generally, the standard of seat width is during 17-20 inches wide. The depth from front to back of the seat must enough for each person to sit with his or her back against the backrest of the office chair while leaving about 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the office chair. The forward or backward tilt of the seat should be able to adjust.

Lower back support or lumbar support in an office chair is very essential as the lumbar spine has an inward curve, and sitting for long periods without support the lumbar spine curve tends to lead to slouching and strains the structures in the lower spine. An office chair should have a lumbar adjustment for both height and depth. So each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back.

The backrest of an office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide. If the backrest is separate from the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle. It should be able to support the natural of each person spine curve and the lumbar region. If the office chair seat and backrest is not just one piece, the backrest should be adjustable in forward and back angles, with a locking system to safe it from going too far backward once the user has determined the suitable angle.

Office chair armrests should also able to adjust. They should allow the user’s arms and shoulder to rest comfortably. The elbows and lower arms should rest lightly, and the forearm should not be on the armrest while typing.

A right office chair is not only good for you back but it also good for your work life. Find an appropriate office chair to fit your own to fresh up your working life.

Buy Sleek Modern Office Furniture At Rebated Rates

Stylish and modern furniture helps keep an office space updated and appealing to both employees and clients. The working environment plays a key role in maximizing office productivity. Today, contemporary style furnishing is in fashion when it comes to office decor. With modern furnishings you can enjoy form and functionality in the simplest way. Give your workplace a clean and uncluttered look with straight and sleek furniture.

It is very important that your office space projects an image of your business for your clients and the employees. You want people to have a positive response to the space you will be conducting business in. A properly decorated office will give your business an advantage over the others. A well furnished and decorated workspace will demonstrate professionalism and competence. Modern Office Furniture in California offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and designs that are sure to enhance your space.

There is a wide assortment of choices in modern furniture. Most modern pieces are unique while still bearing a flat and simple texture. There is no flamboyance or embellishments and the furniture looks very professional. Modern pieces are most commonly made from metal, glass, chrome or even wood.

When designing your office space the materials and texture are not the only important design factors to consider. Color also plays a very important role in corporate furnishing. The most common colors are neutral shades, tan, beige, black, white and more neutral pastel shades. Choose colors that render a professional yet classy look to your workplace. Make sure the furniture matches well with the rest of the décor of your office.

Are you looking for furniture pieces at discounted prices? Saving on office furniture and decor is a great way to cut down expenses. With discounted furniture you get great pieces at a lower cost so why would you ever pay more? Many think that the modernistic style furniture is  only for the wealthy businessmen because the prices can run extremely high. However, there are many opportunities to get this decor for less. Furniture retailers often offer clearance sales where quality items are sold at rebated prices.

If you don’t want to wait for special sales to get great discounts, do not worry. Many furniture manufacturers who offer good discounts have year round discounts available on second hand furniture pieces.

Are you a young entrepreneur? Modern office furniture lends a contemporary look and feel, making your workplace interesting yet professional. Check out some modern office decor today and start designing your office space!

Modern Office Desks Furniture

Walk into a modern office lounge and in less than half a minute you are sizing up the office desks furniture, organization and all its worth. The reception, the interiors, the designer office desks furniture and fixtures are all an undeniable stamp of your taste and style. Going wrong with oversized dominating furniture or ill fitted lighting can leave gaping holes into the reflection of your liking. You want a visually appealing look yet not frivolous.

Decide forehand the tone you want. Choose from minimalistic or modern office desks to contemporary or designer office desks furniture. Co-ordinate with elaborate flower decorations as centerpieces or low hanging lights. You could even accent the company logo or signage with the right play of lights.

The Entire look of your home office can be dramatically changed with a few clever choices. All you have to be decide. Like they say the finesse is in the details. Pay attention to your room dimensions, protruding electrical outlets that can be camouflaged with clever positioning of office desks furniture. Heating ducts, worktops for the communication equipment with storage space for papers, windows that open in out vs. those that slide, the list is endless. Do you like your workstation to be compartmentalized or do you want it to house a vertical processor desktop?

Not just office desks but storage cabinets are a huge hit as well with Spacify with the option of stylish mobile units raving large. While looking for efficient filing options the Iris cabinets are apt and unmatchable. Suited for home office as well as designer office desks furniture components. Or the Trend pedestal with two draws. Both these stunners come with mobile unit options as well making hem a twin steal. The Most pedestal is also another storage cabinet that blends into your contemporary office furniture setup as well.

The office furniture used to seat the visitors should be not just comfortable but also plush. Select lines that include two-three seaters as well as single sofas. Contemporary office desks furniture can differ in styles from interiors if you like to blend and match. Pick office desks furniture lines that allow convenient storage and flexibility of use. Strategically place mobile storage units at those demanding old corners and organize your paperwork and desk better. Ideal for home office as well as modern office.

Would you be keeping this designer office furniture or remodeling in a years time? Do you need lights that are soft or ones that instantly brighten the room? All you have to do is walk into Spacify and each creation will leave you inspired.

Office Supplies Checklist – what do you need?

Office supplies and stationery are essential to fostering a well-run and productive working environment. If your staff have everything they need to do their job properly, their work levels will improve and their output will be more productive.

Therefore, here is a checklist of 10 office products and stationery that every office should consider…

1) Paper

Whether it’s printer paper, note paper for taking phone messages, paper for the fax machine or sheets for the flip chart, the right paper products are absolutely essential.

2) Notepads and writing pads

If your business has a lot of meetings, your staff attend conferences or your staff need to write down important information over the telephone, an ample supply of note or writing pads will help your staff do their jobs properly.

3) Diaries

Computer and mobile technology may have provided us with digital diaries, but many people work far more efficiently and are far more comfortable managing their schedule with a paper diary. And as technology has a tendency to fail once in a while, it never hurts to have a written diary to back-up where you’re supposed to be and when.

4) Pens

They go missing at home and they go missing at work. And, they also run out, so having a regular in-flow of pens is always a good idea. While it may seem insignificant, people tend to have their preferences when it comes to pens, so you could even offer staff a choice to make sure they’re happy. Also, don’t stop at regular pens – you’ll also need marker pens, highlighters and maybe even a few fountain pens for signing contracts.

5) Sticky notes

Yes, they take over offices, but there’s good reason – they’re very useful! From taking down people’s phone numbers to writing reminders, passwords and messages, the sticky note is an invaluable tool for the workplace.

6) The Stapler

Every office worker, at some point or another, requires a stapler. Whether you’re keeping a document of pages together or stapling two pages of a memo, you don’t want to be without. Make sure you have enough too – many an office argument has begun due to stapler theft.

7) Files and folders

Organisation is imperative for offices to run effectively and when it comes to storing important documents, files and folders come into their element. You may need ring binders, plastic wallets, lever arch files or floating files, so work out what your requirements are and make sure you order them in. You don’t want loose papers knocking around because you can’t file them away.

8) Envelopes

If you’re sending out invoices, letters or products to customers, you’ll need an appropriate selection of envelopes. It’s important to consider what you’re likely to send when making decisions over size and whether you’ll require any padded envelopes.

9) Sticky tape

No stationery cupboard is complete without some sticky tape, like Sellotape, as you just never know when you might need it. Even if you don’t see the immediate advantage of having some in, you’ll be surprised how useful it will prove.

10) Paper shredder

In the age of identity theft, you may require a way of effectively disposing of confidential documents and customer information that is no longer of use. You can even get a product that can shred objects other than paper, including CDs and credit cards, so have a look around for the one that’s best for you.

Now you have your checklist, why not start compiling a list of the office supplies and office stationery that you need before putting in an order?

Going green with office supplies

The mission for companies in the twenty-first century, should they choose to accept it is for them to go green. With people becoming savvier about the future of the planet Earth for future generations, we all have an opportunity to make our green mark by engaging in environmentally friendly initiatives to help the environment. We can achieve this by reducing waste and contributing to anything else that may impact our environment.

Align the values in your business with the vision to help the planet

Many businesses in the 21st century would like to have the initiative to go green with their business. We are savvier about the environment, and we would like to do more for our planet. It is the small actions that we do each day that can lead into great feats. For people that work within an office, we want to share some ideas on some of the small actions with your office planning and day to day habits that you can do to make things better for our planet’s future.


Graphics and guest seating in the Green & Blacks office in London

How can businesses make the transition to go green?

You can improve your business by incorporating a mission for your company to focus on green initiatives while the company continues to do business to make a profit. You can empower your green machine in you business by identifying the areas that may be hazardous to the environment, and to seek green friendly solutions to overcome any potential environmental threats

Make it easier for your organisation to gain access to affordable and green friendly office essentials

Seek to work with stationery and office equipment suppliers who also maintain green initiatives. You can work with partners and suppliers of printers, office waste and recycling, recycled products and the use of natural elements. Below are more details on the actions that business can start taking to make a difference.

Saving energy

It seems like a no-brainer, but the amount of energy that we use at the office can be astronomical. Companies can invest in energy saving equipment and supplies such as computers, printers and lights that can automatically switch off or go into sleep mode to reduce costs, but also to save on the energy.

Reduction in waste

Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste that occurs in the office. The waste that occurs from document printing adds a significant cost to the organization. This includes the amount of money that is spent on paper, but what is often more costly for the organization are theprinter cartridges. Many organisations are in need of green and cost-efficient printing solutions. The first is by investing in smarter printers that can reduce the unnecessary printing demands that employee’s request. Secondly, forcing the selection of black and white prints over coloured prints. Unlike buying a single black and white cartridge, to have coloured prints, you typically need to buy the more expensive three colour cartridges.


Green is good! So take steps each day to make your office greener!


It seems easier said than done, but the simplest way to accomplish this is by taking simple steps each day to create an office environment that fits with your green mission. You can get people in your organisation to add these action points into their daily habit. These are listed below.

Makes the best use of natural light and aiim to rely less on the internal lighting that is using up energy. However, should internal lighting be required, you can get energy-saving lamps for your organisation.

  1. Aim to purchase products that have been made out of recycled materials.
  2. You can use pens that are made from bamboo or recycled paper.
  3. You can purchase recycled paper.
  4. Make use of recycled plastic.
  5. Even make use of recycled printer ink.
  6. Instead of tossing unused items, give them to others who need it.
  7. Green with folders that are made out of recycled material.
  8. Look into using eco or recycled batteries. Even rechargeable batteries.
  9. Make use of solar phone chargers.


Going green in your business shouldn’t be difficult. The future generations will be sure to thank you for your efforts to help the environment.